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Centerity monitoring support for Hadoop is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive, distributed applications running on large clusters of hardware for increased reliability and data motion.


What is missing from the Hadoop framework and critical for its users are comprehensive monitoring capabilities in compliance with Business Service Management (BSM) standards, whereby IT and Business Units can create a holistic approach to complex enterprise services, aligning delivery expectations with required levels of service availability and performance for both external and internal customers (SLA/OLA).


Now, Centerity brings holistic BSM monitoring capabilities to the entire Hadoop environment. Centerity gives critical, real-time visibility to the evolving complexity of the service topology involving multiple, hybrid components such as Hardware, OS, Networking, Systems, Applications and more.


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Centerity’s BSM solution is an established player in this domain and already has “out of the box” monitoring capabilities to Hadoop. Centerity can be rapidly implemented within the existing service environment having an extremely short time-to-value with its ability to integrate critical Hadoop KPIs into its end-to-end monitoring solution. This integration enables of full BSM stack monitoring for Hadoop-based environments.



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Delivers an enteprise class BSM solution based on Multi-Level SLA monitoring of every component in the application environment including applicable public and private cloud assets.
Centerity provides "out of the box" integrate to existing Hadoop applications, scripts & open-source plugins.
Centerity delivers clear, comprehensive views and control over processes.
Centerity supports agent-based and agentless monitoring.
Centerity's BSM solution is scalable and extensible.
Centerity's BSM solution delivers broad performance metrics, alerts, reports and availability statuses over different timeframes.
"Single pane of glass" for failure identification allowing for immediate failure identification in corresponding components and layers.
Provide executive interactive dashboards and maps.

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