Cloud & IoT Monitoring

The Complete Monitoring Solution for Cloud Services & IoT



Centerity is a complete, end-to-end monitoring & performance analytics solution for Cloud Services (public, private, and hybrid) allowing service providers (MSPs/CSPs) and ITOPS to achieve the highest level of performance and service assurance with superior operational efficiencies and control of the entire environment.


Our platform includes enterprise and carrier-class features such as Business Service Management (BSM), Live Visual Layouts, automation, and discovery tools as well as agentless and agent-based capture methodologies with federated scalability and multi-tenanted operational efficiencies.

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Central & Executive
Dashboards for
End-to-End Visibility
Business Services Availability - validate business continuity upon failures.
User Experience - record simple and complex scenarios to validate service delivery.
Single Unified Management and Monitoring Tool
Cloud API - to monitor instances, pricing, and web service information.
Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, and any other cloud vendor.
Service Bottleneck Isolation - smart root cause analysis and event correlation.
Alerts & Notifications – receive immediate notifications of service failures & use the escalation engine to notify responsible owners and customers via email, SMS, RSS feeds, and more.
Ticketing System – incident and ticket management built-in.
Advanced Reporting – capacity usage and planning, SLA, and inventory management and reporting.

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Business Service Management enables new ways to analyze and understand business services and application status delivered for external or internal customers. Centerity Monitor allows you to see the overall health of specific business services within your enterprise virtual environment or services provided in public clouds.


From e-mail infrastructure, website availability, shopping carts, bank transactions, CRM & ERP hosted applications, virtual infrastructure status and more. By delivering logical maps of services, Centerity allows you to rapidly diagnose business service issues, drill down into forensics, and improve MTTR within your organization.



Centerity Monitor allows users to record and run GUI and protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, Web services) synthetic transactions for complex applications and service scenarios and measure performance response time and availability from multiple locations to validate service delivery.



Centerity Monitor provides private or public hybrid cloud monitoring options for MSP’s, data centers, and enterprises with efficient and innovative solutions with high flexibility and scalability to hundreds of thousands of monitoring devices and services simultaneously. The Centerity API allows easy configuration and deployment of new monitored devices and services from your local CRM, ERP, or helpdesk applications.



Centerity Monitor is designed to work in multi-tenanted environments, allowing you to visualize, display, and build custom dashboards, views, and reports for different types of customers, organizational units, and users. Storing monitoring, technical, and administrative information in built-in CMDB engines provides user roles for each customer simultaneously.