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Simplifying Ecosystems








A Unified Approach to Industrial IoT


Internet of Things translates IT monitoring into the concept that “Everything is Connected.” Centerity has always believed in viewing any network component, not as a single device, but as a part of a business solution and we have always supported these devices nature in various ways: multiple service packages leveraging internal data, passive monitoring, and most of all in our Business Service Management that creates a single-pane-of-glass for all of the network components, ranging from cameras to radios and server room fans.


Nowadays, when IoT is no longer a foreign language to anyone, and Edge computing, specifically, is helping to bring it forward as a critical part of monitoring – Centerity can display any end point from the Edge layer as part of your company’s business.




IoT and IIoT







Dynamic Integration


IoT projects require a considerable degree of flexibility and scalability, allowing the evolution of the system throughout its life cycle. The system’s integrator might want to replace existing devices with devices of a different brand. Sometimes new low-level communication protocols are required and in other situations, a completely new device integration is required. Centerity IoT is built from the foundation with a dynamic approach in mind, allowing the seamless dynamic integration of these new demands with no involvement of the system integrator or service provider.


Ecosystem Management


Device Abstraction


Centerity Device abstraction allows the system integrator and service manager to deal with the different connected devices in a unified abstract service data model. This unique approach hides the low-level device communication details from the service or business logic manager. This abstraction capability is achieved using Centerity API Translator. This Translator builds an abstraction layer that allows the entire communication with connected edges to be managed in a unified user defined service language. The service language can be easily integrated into the existing management and business logic systems, avoiding the need to address each connected edge in its specific way.

Centerity Translator


Distributed Connectivity


Centerity IoT easily enables the creation of an IoT network that is composed of many local networks. Connected Devices across different local networks can interact with each other in an event-driven fashion as if these devices are located side by side. Expanding this private-wide network is as simple as running Centerity Agent on a machine in the newly added local network.

Centerity Agent


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Business Logic


Centerity IoT framework makes interconnectivity between devices and device management simple and straight forward. By hiding the low-level device details and exposing a unified service data model, a complete business logic solution can be achieved easily.


IIoT Service Levels


IIoT Business Servive



Centerity IoT provides a collection of business logic and management tools that give the ability to define business rules between devices and display them graphically in an integrated dashboard. Moreover, Centerity IoT framework is designed in a way that allows a very simple integration with existing business logic and management systems.



Map: IoT/IIoT



About Centerity

Centerity’s award-winning software provides unified enterprise-class IT Performance Analytics that improve the time, cost, and reliability of information and operations technologies. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack, including, applications, big data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, Cloud, Edge, and IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with fault isolation, corrective action, and root cause analysis tools to ensure availability of critical systems.