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A Rogue Device Sandwich

Writers: Stanislav (Stas) Siganevich, Retail Sector Manager and Snir Zarin, Solution Architect, Centerity. I just wanted to have lunch but instead I’ve spotted a security breach. Does it make sense that a CISO needs to be physically present in a retail store to know about those threats? Highlights It appears there are physical threats which […]

Remote IT Operations is the New Norm

IT operations pros worldwide are instantly part of wartime environments.  They are supporting a massive number of people transitioning to remote work, shifting work models, and in most cases, extended hours.  While the COVID-19 virus is putting a severe strain on corporate networks, servers, and security policies, it may also be causing major traffic jams on customer-facing websites.  This is especially true for consumer-facing businesses in retail, healthcare and financial services.  Above all, the new IT reality is testing each organization’s ability to deal with the unexpected and unplanned.

Why Digital Transformation Needs AIOps

What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means taking advantage of the fact the software based processes can be evolved and enhanced more frequently to dramatically drive up the business agility of the company, and to gain market share and revenue as a result. This is sometimes stated as “Compete online or die”, but it does not always have to involve people using browsers and mobile devices to access web services.

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation

What Do Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation Mean? These terms mean many different things to many different people and in many different industries and contexts. However, in the world of business IT they generally mean the following: Digitization – Digitization means to transform something from an analog process to a digital process. For example when a […]

AIOps and AIOps Platforms

AIOps in IT Operations, Application Performance, and Event Management Gartner invented the term AIOps to refer broadly to how AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) will be infused into every aspect of how modern IT Operations, software and hardware infrastructure, applications, transactions, microservices, and business services will be managed. AIOps will also play a […]

Recorded EMA Webinar – A Look at the Changing IT-to-Business Landscape

In an era of digital transformation, stakeholders like business planners and executives find themselves increasingly dependent on IT services not only for routine business operations, but also for evolving their business models to become more competitive and more customer-aware. At the same time, IT executives and innovators find themselves increasingly pressured to show value and […]

Digital Transformation In Retail

It really has to work all of the time Overview The retail industry has changed significantly over the past decade and it keeps on evolving further and faster by adopting new, cutting edge technologies while transforming from a classic store to an omnichannel business that is not limited to one country or to the physical […]

Performance Analytics Solutions For Cloudera Hadoop

With Centerity’s new monitoring & performance Analytics solution, Cloudera users experience greater operational satisfaction and higher ROI for their Hadoop investment. When implementing a complex Hadoop environment such as Cloudera, users who take full advantage of Cloudera Manager’s performance and alert functionalities need to ensure the performance and availability of their Hadoop hosts, services, jobs […]

Centerity BSM & IT Performance Analytics Platform (Use Case #5 – Creating Transparency & A Common Purpose)

Best Practices in Performance Analytics for Big Data Environments (SAP HANA, Hadoop, Enterprise Applications) Use Case #5 – Creating Transparency & A Common Purpose Synopsis: A Single Truth The Power of Sharing Information and Goals Use Case Overview Many organizations are challenged due to technical specialization within its departments. This leads to siloed goals aligned only […]

Centerity Unified Monitoring & Performance Analytics Platform (Use Case #4 – Reducing OPEX)

Best Practices in Monitoring and Performance Analytics for Big Data Environments (SAP HANA, Hadoop, Enterprise Applications) Use Case #4 – Reducing OPEX (Operating Expense) Synopsis: Historical Graphs Utilization Reports Use Case Overview Organizations don’t have time to manage multiple tools that each cover a single technology silo. First, these single tools are expensive to deploy, […]

“Business Service Management” Are you there? Some questions to ask yourself.

Business Service Management is an enabling technology at the intersection of business and IT alignment. The days of IT organizations operating with only an understanding of the IT perspective are quickly passing. Business Service Management brings the business perspective and context to the IT environment. Business Service Management solutions help IT understand how their infrastructure and […]

Five (Avoidable) Ways MSPs Still Lose Revenue

The modern Managed Service Provider (MSP) has shifted from a reactive and unpredictable break-fix service model to a proactive, fixed-rate subscription model based on steady recurring revenue. Though this model is a net positive for both customer and provider, it ultimately holds the service provider to a higher standard by shrinking the acceptable margin or […]

Lenovo Highlights Performance Analytics for SAPHANA

Centerity is proud to be Lenovo’s featured software solution at SAPPHIRE 2018, Orlando. We welcome you to join us at Booth #558 to learn how Lenovo and Centerity can improve service levels (SLA) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) for SAP HANA environments. The presentation will occur on Tuesday, June 5, at 12:15 PM, and will show how Business Service […]

The Top Highlights from IDC CIO SUMMIT 2018, Antalya, Turkey.

We came, we saw, we conquered. Three days packed with breakout sessions, hands-on training, keynote speakers, networking. With over 250 CIOs, 80 speakers and panelists, 50+ inspiring keynotes and top 500 largest spending companies, there was a lot to see and it’s impossible to be in every place at once but, here’s our rundown of […]

Bridging the Gap Between Promise and Reality: Achieving SLA and the Return of BSM

“We’ve deployed several solutions to track our technology assets, manage SLA, and align IT with Business, but our efforts went very poorly. We receive very little return for our investment”. To properly support corporate objectives, IT professionals need to align service levels (SLAs) with business objectives. Although achieving this alignment can be difficult, when properly […]

Centerity Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Lenovo

Combined offering provides customers with end-to-end visibility through SAP HANA application Newton, MA — April 9, 2018 — Centerity Systems Inc., the leading provider of unified IT & OT performance analytics & business service management (BSM) software platforms, today announced that Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG), a leader in providing innovative enterprise data center technologies, […]