The growing number of IoT/IIoT devices introduces complex challenges of discovery and data collection for monitoring, managing and analytics purposes. Extensive types and versions of commu-nication methods including a large set of APIs and protocols create fragmentation that inhibits organizations, integrators and IoT/IIoT service providers from achieving optimum systemic performance and effective maintenance of their IoT/IIoT operation. These issues create a huge scale problem that is dramatically increasing as these dynamic environments become larger and more fragmented over time. What is needed is a unified platform that is as dynamic as the environ-ment, discovering new IoT, IIoT and IT devices and classifying these in real-time and collecting perfor-mance data through any proprietary or standard protocols over any communication method.

IoT & IIoT Application Enablement Platfom-Simplyfying IoT / IIoT Ecosystems