Merlin international


Seth Spergel

Tel: +1-703-752-2928


Florida, USA

Tel: +1 321 727 9696

Accunet Solutions

Massachusetts, USA

Dominic Agostino, Partner Alliance Manager

Mobile: +1 (800) 711-3963

Plotech Solutions Inc

Ontario, Canada

Alex Plotkin

Mobile: +1 (416) 875-7263

SEA – Software Engineering Of America, Inc.

New York, USA

Jatin Thakker, VP Sales

Mobile: +1 (917) 815-0347

Abacus Solutions

Georgia, USA

Joe Thompson, VP Sales

Mobile: +1 (770) 738-1151

Symmetry Corporation

Wisconsin, USA

Tyler Constable, Client Manager

Tel: +1 (414) 238-2356

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