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Centerity AIOps provides real-time SLAs for business services that impact both profit and loss (P&L) and customer satisfaction (CSAT), allowing executives, managers, and administrators to base decisions on accurate, end-to-end data from across the technology stack.

A single pane of glass for all business services and the entire technology environment

Deliver SLAs

The key to achieving service levels is about more than uptime, it’s about uptime of critical processes. Analytics that keep business services running at peak performance will protect your SLAs.

Detect early, isolate precisely, prioritize response

Complex IT environments generate too many alerts to accurately predict downtime. Recognizing the relationships between alerts, and the impact on business processes, is critical to managing remediation.

Bring IT and business teams together

Too often business and IT managers fail to understand which business services are most critical and why. A common dashboard that presents analytics in the context of business and IT helps to prioritize defects and response.

Most Advanced Features & Modules

Enterprise AIOps Platform

Unified, end-to-end IT analytics that reveal performance risks and business impact.

Full-Stack Data Collection

Consolidation and normalization of metrics for all layers and deployment environments.

Business Value Dashboard

Comprehensive executive dashboards of real-time business process SLAs.

One price – all technologies

Simple, need-based pricing model with no hidden costs to eliminate surprises.

Single Software Appliance

One platform to gather metrics for all technologies (no device-type fees.)

Topology & Dependency Mapping

Automated discovery & mapping of asset dependencies and system topology.


Supports multi-user management and advanced permissions for MSPs (and others).

Auto Discovery & Device Awareness

Automatically detect, identify and configure IT assets and KPIs across all technology layers.

Fast, Flexible, Future-Proof

Out of the box best-practice service-packs for 100+ technologies simplify implementation and daily operation.

Root-Cause Analysis

Drill-down into any business service for fast, accurate fault isolation for performance issues.

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