AIOps Platform

Collect and correlate business, application and operational analytics to ensure SLAs and business performance

Enterprise AIOps Platform

The Centerity AIOps Platform gathers, unifies, and correlates transaction, application, business service, IT and operational metrics across the full-stack of technology layers and deployment environments to improve collaboration between executives, IT, and operational managers to achieve business goals. Centerity’s real-time, interactive Dynamic Business Service Views manage critical business services from end-to-end, quickly correlating problems that cross multiple layers and elude traditional monitoring, thereby ensuring that performance and reliability objectives are met.

Dynamic Business Service Views

Service Level Gauges for the Availability and Performance of Critical Digital Services

Centerity Service Level Summary

The Centerity Platform

A comprehensive platform to deliver business value from metrics, logs and events across the stack

Centerity Functional Overview

Еnterprise AIOps Platform

Unified, end-to-end IT analytics that reveal performance risks and business impact.

Full-Stack Data Collection

Consolidation and normalization of metrics, events and logs across the stack.

Dynamic Service Views

Comprehensive executive dashboards of real-time business process SLAs.

Single Software Appliance

Simple to install and very fast time to value

Topology & Dependency Mapping

Automated discovery & mapping of transactions, applications and business services into the entire supporting stack


Supports multi-user management and advanced permissions for MSPs (and others).

Auto Discovery & Device Awareness

Automatically detect, identify and configure any IT asset and KPIs across all technology layers.

Deep and Broad Integrations Across the Entire IT Environment

Out of the box best-practice service-packs for 100+ technologies simplify implementation and daily operation..

Root-Cause Analysis

Drill-down into any business service for fast, accurate fault isolation for performance issues.

One price – all technologies

Simple pricing model with no hidden costs or surprises.

Items Of Interest

Centerity Brings Business Value To APM

Centerity Brings Business Value To APM

Centerity is an AIOps Platform that Delivers Dynamic Service Views and Business Service Level Analytics for Digitalization and Digital Transformation Initiatives to the business constituents responsible for these services. Each Dynamic Service View calculates the performance and availability of a critical business service as shown below.

Why Digital Transformation Needs AIOps

Why Digital Transformation Needs AIOps

What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means taking advantage of the fact the software based processes can be evolved and enhanced more frequently to dramatically drive up the business agility of the company, and to gain market share and revenue as a result. This is sometimes stated as “Compete online or die”, but it does not always have to involve people using browsers and mobile devices to access web services.

Digital Transformation In Retail

Digital Transformation In Retail

It really has to work all of the time Overview The retail industry has changed significantly over the past decade and it keeps on evolving further and faster by adopting new, cutting edge technologies while transforming from a classic store to an omnichannel business...