IoT Monitoring

Unified platform to identify, classify, and manage IoT devices in real-time, across standard/proprietary protocols and communication methods.

IoT & IIoT Application Enablement Platform

Simplifying IoT / IIoT Ecosystems

The growing number of IoT/IIoT devices introduces complex challenges of discovery and data collection for monitoring, managing and analytics purposes. Extensive types and versions of communication methods including a large set of APIs and protocols  create fragmentation that inhibits organizations, integrators and IoT/IIoT service providers from achieving optimum systemic performance and effective maintenance of their IoT/IIoT operation.

These issues create a huge scale problem that is dramatically increasing as these dynamic environments become larger and more fragmented over time. What is needed is a unified platform that is as dynamic as the environment, discovering new IoT,  IIoT and IT devices and classifying these in real-time and collecting performance data through any proprietary or standard protocols over any communication method.



  • Wide Connectivity Support (IP & non-IP)
  • Broad Device Support (Standard or Non- Standard)
  • Communication, Protocol & API Agnostic
  • Cloud, Fog, Hosted, On Prem or Hybrid
  • Abstracted Data & Service Model
  • Secure Device Intercommunication
  • Automatic Device Discovery & Classification
  • IoT-Specific Cybersecurity


  • Single, Unified Software Platform
  • Nested Multi-Tenanted Architecture Federated Scalability
  • Auto Discovery & Dependency Mapping
  • Customizable & Configurable Platform
  • Enhanced Restful API Capabilities
  • Automated Process Orchestration
  • Robust Visualization & Data Analytics
  • Agentless & Agent-based Capture
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Feature Set
  • Seamless Integration with Enterprise Cybersecurity Architectures

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