Traffic Analyzer

Evaluate and manage network data-flow across complex, distributed, and hybrid networks.

Analyze complex networks at a glance.

Centerity Traffic Analyzer is a next-generation solution for network traffic data-flow analytics designed for massive scalability to support complex, distributed, and hybrid networks. Together with Centerity’s Business Service Management (BSM) platform, Traffic Analyzer allows organizations to pinpoint the source of network and applications problems as well as security risks and to effectively optimize critical business & operational processes.

  • Improve business SLAs by incorporating network traffic analytics with BSM data.
  • Reduce MTTR by seamlessly transitioning from network KPIs to bandwidth utilization (applications, servers, users, etc.).
  • Optimize network planning and resourcing by comparing traffic patterns across all networks, devices, users, and applications, from a single-pane-of-glass.
  • Strengthen security oversight with filtered alarms and instant visibility to high bandwidth usage, port and protocol access, traffic locations (origin/destination), etc.
  • Fast deployment and intuitive user interface.

Business activities are generating everincreasing amounts of data, and the required IT infrastructure to aggregate and analyze all that data is now being pushed to its limits. Furthermore, with the expansion of enterprise technologies such as Big Data,
clouds, containers, IoT etc. huge volumes of data are being transmitted from one place to another on an almost continuous basis.

With the rise of just-in-time and on-demand business processes, the increased network traffic has created significant stress on systems, components, users, and support staff, resulting in higher costs, lower quality, and longer downtimes for the business.

Scalable/distributed architecture with centralized management consolidates network data flow from thousands of data sources in dozens of locations.

Real-time network traffic dashboards provide drill-down to root-cause analysis directly from BSM reports.

Standardized functional reports according to user need with flexible formatting and configuration (analyze and filter historical flow data).

Compatible with all major device types using NetFlow, Jflow, sFlow, IPFIX, and other protocols.

Single-pane-of-glass to capture, analyze and visualize massive volumes of network traffic from within the BSM Platform.

Customized reporting by incorporating dashboard extensions (top talkers, senders and receivers, IP pairs, source/destination countries and locations, etc.).

Flow analytics (flows over time, flow drilldown, etc.) and flow filters (by application, packets, protocols, bytes in/out, duration, etc.).

Security alerts and detection based on triggers (port, protocol, country, etc.).

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Remote IT Operations is the New Norm

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Centerity Brings Business Value To APM

Centerity Brings Business Value To APM

Centerity is an AIOps Platform that Delivers Dynamic Service Views and Business Service Level Analytics for Digitalization and Digital Transformation Initiatives to the business constituents responsible for these services. Each Dynamic Service View calculates the performance and availability of a critical business service as shown below.

Why Digital Transformation Needs AIOps

Why Digital Transformation Needs AIOps

What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means taking advantage of the fact the software based processes can be evolved and enhanced more frequently to dramatically drive up the business agility of the company, and to gain market share and revenue as a result. This is sometimes stated as “Compete online or die”, but it does not always have to involve people using browsers and mobile devices to access web services.