What to Expect in Centerity Version 4

For much of 2016, we’ve been hard at work creating our new and most advanced IT performance analytics and Business Service Management (BSM) platform – Centerity Version 4!


It’s going GA within the next few weeks and brings the most innovative performance analytic technology for Enterprises, MSPs, technology vendors, and cloud providers. It contains exclusive functionalities and advanced coverage for all cutting edge technologies including; IoT, Converged/Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Big Data, private and public clouds, and any hybrid environment!


We’re far too excited to keep this to ourselves any longer, so without further ado, here’s the sneak peek highlights of Version 4:


  • Advanced Topology Discovery and Device Awareness – Powerful topology discovery for optimal visualization supporting automatic dependency mapping and root cause analysis (RAC).

Typology Awareness


  • Next generation of our BSM module includes business impact visibility with enhanced multi-layer views.

Business Service


  • Enhanced Operational Console – Customizable and configurable to individual requirements.

Event Console


  • Advanced BSM Hypermap – Auto mapping of business services asset with real-time SLAs and fast failure isolation.

Hyper Map


Hyper Map


  • New GUI – Most advanced visualization features for customized executive and administrative dashboards, BSM, real-time layouts, and more!


Centerity's Dashboard


Active Directory Server


  • New Reports Center – Over 14 new report templates for system admins, technology managers, and business executives.

Centerity Reports Center


  • New Powerful Back-End Collectors – Supporting any type and amount of data collection.
  • IoT Discovery Engine – End-to-End coverage of IoT operational chains from end points like sensors and medical devices through the edge and up to the cloud and analytics applications.


What else is there to look forward to?

  • Secure Password Vault with new, secure, log-in/log-out and advanced security layers.
  • Enhanced RESTful-API capabilities and fast integration with any 3rd party system.
  • Automatic orchestration of Centerity VIA API.
  • Enhanced Discovery Capabilities – VMware extensions, tracking features, automatic discovery scheduling, and device awareness.











It’s been a massive re-design project and we have no doubts that our customers and partners will love it!


Version 4 Demo