The Big Bang effect: Driving Business on Cloud & Managed Services

Meeting the challenge of IT performance  in today’s dynamic data center environments is difficult in the best of circumstances. With new applications, infrastructure methods, and novel technologies being introduced constantly and with ever increasing customer expectations, the task of optimizing server centric delivery is daunting. Meeting these challenges cannot be completely addressed with traditional monitoring tools that are typically creating silos of partial data with little actionable intelligence. What is needed is a comprehensive business service assurance monitoring platform that can provide consolidated, correlated, views across technical and functional domains. Only then can a truly proactive business intelligence layer be laid across the entire environment to promote an application-centric and service-centric approach by managed service providers (MSPs).

Interested in more information? Learn more here how  Centerity drives MSPs business or Download here a case study that shows how KPN, a leading MSP of the Netherlands, evolved from an event-driven service provider to a proactive organization focused on improving customer satisfaction and achieving the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) possible.