Enterprise service is not operationally ready until its entire IT stack is analyzed in a comprehensive and accurate way.

The only cost-effective way to do it is through a Unified Performance Analytics Platform. Such methodology is unique as it is built as one piece of a software that goes beyond collecting and organizing data alone. It provides an intuitive visualization and clear context for the information gathered.

Having such platform reduces MTTR and overheads and expands the real time visibility that is brought to your management dashboard, 24X7. Together with it’s inherited Flexibility and easy configuration set up, business units ensure a dramatic and immediate performance improvement together with overall reduced costs.

How well IT experts address contradicting demands is an indication of the completeness of the software solution the have. How quickly IT pros adapt to  change is a matter of the flexibility of their product. How rapidly they identify root causes and generate reports is an indication of the value of their product (reduces MTTR). How fast they to satisfy  business needs is a matter of what Analytics platform they have.

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About Centerity

Centerity’s award winning software provides a unified enterprise-class IT performance analytics platform that improves performance and reliability of business services to ensure availability of critical systems. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack including, applications, Big Data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, Cloud, Edge, and IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes.


Overcoming Conflicting Demands for Improved Performance and Reduced Costs in IT Operations