With Centerity’s new monitoring & performance Analytics solution, Cloudera users experience greater operational satisfaction and higher ROI for their Hadoop investment.

When implementing a complex Hadoop environment such as Cloudera, users who take full advantage of Cloudera Manager’s performance and alert functionalities need to ensure the performance and availability of their Hadoop hosts, services, jobs and have an overall sense of control in managing their applications and entire IT environment.

With Centerity, Cloudera users experience greater operational satisfaction and higher ROI for their Hadoop investment

How it works?

  • Centerity’s integration to Cloudera’s API, provides complete end-to-end monitoring beginning with Cloudera’s service health analysis using Cloudera’s health check results. Centerity detects performance issues using Cloudera Metrics and preferred thresholds. Additionally, any event that surfaces in Cloudera Manager out of hundreds of possible event codes will be alerted, reported and notified on via Centerity Monitor.
  • Centerity runs a full inventory analysis on the Cloudera environment, discovering all clusters, hosts, services and possible metrics. In addition, Centerity’s technology           goes beyond monitoring data, to provide Intuitive visualization and clear context for the information gathered.
  • Centerity is a Cloudera certified unified IT monitoring and performance analytics platform that offers a real-time visibility of ALL IT and operations assets, together with predictive, trend, impact and root cause analysis.  This  consolidated view reduces operational complexity, time (MTTR) and cost (OPEX).
  •  Cloudera Manager and all Hadoop components are well positioned within Centerity to support hybrid operations, as they provide a consistent experience on-prem and in the cloud