Centerity Unified Monitoring & Performance Analytics Platform (Use Case #4 – Reducing OPEX)

Best Practices in Monitoring and Performance Analytics for Big Data Environments (SAP HANA, Hadoop, Enterprise Applications)

Use Case #4 – Reducing OPEX (Operating Expense)


  • Historical Graphs
  • Utilization Reports

Use Case Overview

Organizations don’t have time to manage multiple tools that each cover a single technology silo. First, these single tools are expensive to deploy, maintain, and require a specialist for each technology layer. Second, as these siloed tools don’t share information, these can’t do the cross-correlation necessary to provide predictive analytics on impact and trends.

As big data remains a major concern for IT leaders, the need for a unified platform, that can cover the entire environment end-to-end, begin to emerge .This unified platform will have a common GUI to all features and a common operational approach. This makes the performance analytics platform easy to use and maintain requiring fewer specialized resources while providing the proactive, operational analytics to be more effective. Centerity is such a platform with a vast selection of “out of the box” profiles and templates as well as discovery options that make the platform extensible and efficient to operate. Furthermore, as Centerity records performance over time, Usage Summary Reports can provide information on historic performance against service levels highlighting which technologies are causing the greatest degradation of service and why focusing management’s attention on these.

This unified approach can contribute substantially to reducing MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and OPEX.

Technical Overview

Product Screen 9: Historical Graphs

History Report

Product Screen 10: Usage Summary Reports

Usage Summary Report