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BOSTON – September 28th, 2016 — Centerity Systems, Inc. today announces its monitoring support for the DockerTM containerization platform.  Centerity is the vendor of the premier next-gen, end-to-end IT performance monitoring platform for complex, hybrid environments (physical, virtual, application, and cloud).  This comprehensive monitoring of Docker Containers will further support enterprises seeking environmental consistency, as well as greater application migration and operational efficiencies for virtualized applications.


Containerization is a method of virtualizing the operating system whereby applications and their dependencies are “contained” within resource-isolated processes.  Containers package the application code, runtime, system tools, libraries, and any other dependencies into a single wrapper to ensure that applications can be deployed quickly and reliably regardless of the deployment environment.  This provides for frictionless movement of applications between public and private clouds.  Containers also give organizations control over resources allocated to each container (memory, disk space, CPU) on an instance; thus, containerized applications can be scaled up or down dynamically.  Also, containers can be isolated or share resources for granular resource control.


Centerity gives complete visibility into these processes historically and in real-time to give administrators and executives actionable intelligence and analytics about performance, service levels, and availability of applications within containers, correlating data with the performance of the supporting infrastructure to facilitate frictionless application extensibility and scalability.  “Traditional application deployment struggled with variations in environmental dependencies and incompatibilities causing slow or limited application migration between public and private clouds,” says Marty Pejko, COO of Centerity. “With this announcement, Centerity signals its support for containerization and the virtualization of operating systems in addition to directly monitoring everything in the application and infrastructure layers to provide cross-domain impact and trend analysis.  Centerity’s end-to-end Business Intelligence Layer fills in the informational gaps that have traditionally hindered the movement of applications between public and private clouds.  Now, organizations can confidently move applications on demand while maintaining the visibility and control demanded by enterprises,” continues Marty.


“Docker provides a completely open platform for developing distributed applications. Customers turn to Docker to build, run, and deploy portable cloud-ready applications” 


About Centerity

Centerity Systems, Inc. is the vendor of the premier next-gen, end-to-end IT monitoring platform for complex, hybrid environments (physical, virtual, application and cloud). Centerity Monitor provides real-time business value and business analytics regarding the status, performance, and availability of all IT assets whether in the cloud or on prem. Centerity’s unique, unified platform, named a Gartner Cool Vendor in ITOM, can serve the needs of both IT executives and administrators while providing a complete Business Intelligence Layer across all IT assets via cross-technical and functional domain impact and trend analysis through our Business Service Management (BSM) capabilities.



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Centerity Announces Support for Docker Containers