This webinar focuses on best practices for full-stack, performance monitoring of SAP HANA environments. How to align business applications and business services to organizational goals. Discussion on in-memory database monitoring. The correlation between SAP HANA health and infrastructure/OS layers, key performance metrics, and monitoring solutions to consider. Plus monitoring experiences from the experts!

The featured presenter is Tyler Constable, Client Manger at Symmetry™, an SAP-certified partner for SAP Hosting, Cloud, and SAP HANA® Operations. Symmetry is one of the largest U.S. based SAP technical firms with over 100 SAP Basis and Security consultants in the industry. One of only a handful of SAP partners in North America certified in SAP HANA; Operations, Hosting, and Cloud Services. Symmetry is an Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Gold Affiliate partner and long-time supporter of the ASUG mission to empower and educate SAP users.

What You’ll Learn:
• New principles of SAP HANA business environment monitoring
• How to isolate performance issues proactively
• Silos of data vs. a single pane of glass
• Key metrics in SAP HANA environments
• Adding value to executives in organization
• Practical monitoring considerations

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