Full Stack Monitoring

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016: Full Stack Monitoring for SAP HANA

Marty Pejko speaks in SUSE’s booth on Holistic BSM & Full Stack Monitoring of SAP HANA!


The Centerity Systems crew were recently at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016! Our COO, Marty Pejko, spoke in SUSE‘s booth on holistic Business Service Management (BSM), full-stack monitoring for SAP HANA, and Big Data applications.


Traditionally, the approach is to use multiple vendor point tools to monitor individual technology layers (physical, virtual,m network, OS, application, cloud). Doing that create silos of data with no actionable intelligence. What’s needed is a next-gen platform that provides a unified approach for end-to-end coverage. Including business analytics, business process views, and cross-domain impact analysis to reduce operational complexity, MTTR, and OPEX.


CLICK HERE to view the complete Full Stack Monitoring for SAP HANA slide deck used throughout SAPPHIRE NOW 2016!