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Full-Stack Performance Analytics for Pure

Delivering Holistic Visibility and Business Service Management (BSM) to FlashArray, FlashBlade, and FlashStack.



The Pure Storage FlashArray family delivers software-defined all-flash power and reliability for every need and every budget, from the entry-level FlashArray/M10 to the new FlashArray//X – the first mainstream 100% NVMe, enterprise-class all-flash array. The FlashArray model enables organizations to consolidate and accelerate workloads while enjoying proven 99.9999% availability, completely non-disruptive operations, and support that’s above and beyond.

Pure’s FlashStack Converged Infrastructure (CI) is a flexible, all-flash converged infrastructure solution that brings the flash revolution to your data center, faster. It combines the latest in compute, network, storage hardware and virtualization software, into a single, integrated architecture that speeds time to deployment, lowers overall IT costs, and reduces deployment risk. FlashStack CI provides the performance and reliability business-critical applications demand.

Centerity brings its industry-leading full-stack Performance Analytics and BSM Platform for Service Assurance to IT environments containing Pure FlashArrays, FlashBlades, or FlashStack products. Centerity’s unified software platform breaks down data silos by extending its performance and availability monitoring across the entire stack from the infrastructure layer to the application layer. By covering every technology layer, from the resident infrastructure to the critical applications, operating systems and databases running on it, Centerity can deliver service-centric business intelligence that enables Pure users to focus on the health of their business, not their infrastructure.

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Full-Stack Performance Analytics for Pure


Centerity BSM & IT Performance Analytics Platform (Use Case #2 – Reducing Operational Complexity)

Best Practices in Performance Analytics  for Big Data Environments (SAP HANA, Hadoop, Enterprise Applications)

Use Case #2 – Reducing Operational Complexity


  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Live Visual Layouts
  • Topology Mapping

Use Case Overview

Reducing operational complexity is key to the successful and efficient operation of any Big Data Environment. Having to jump from one console to another to gather performance metrics and manually correlate states for impact and trend analysis is not practical or efficient where automated, proactive intelligence is needed.

What is needed is a single-pane-of-glass across the entire Big Data Environment that can serve as a business intelligence layer across all the technical and functional domains. The business intelligence layer will normalize and organize performance metrics into technology layers and furthermore group these technologies into business process groups. These logical groups are called Business Service Management (BSM) process views.

Customized Live Visual Layouts can be created by importing any image (for example geographical maps, data center layouts, architectural schematics, technology stacks/racks) and overlaying status icons via Centerity’s GUI. All these icons are clickable and drillable. These live visual layouts represent how users want to view their environment and consume information. These layouts present intuitive ways of consuming information, not just because these are images, but because these are logical representations of the way individual users actually perform their functions.

Technical Overview

Product Screen 5: Central Dynamic Dashboard

Product Screen 6: Live Visual Layout (#1) – SAP HANA

Product Screen 7: Topology Mapping


About Centerity

Centerity’s an award winning unified enterprise-class IT Performance Analytics Platform that improves Performance and Reliability of business services to ensure availability of critical systems. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack, including, applications, big data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, cloud, edge AND IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes.

Centerity: Unified Performance Analytics Platform (Use Case #1 – Lead controlled rollout of your big data)

Best Practices in Performance Analytics for Big Data Environments (SAP HANA, Hadoop, Enterprise Applications)

Use Case #1 – Leading a Controlled Rollout of your Big Data environment

Centerity Systems is the most advanced unified BSM (Business Service Management) and IT Performance Analytics Platform on the market today. By adding Centerity to any Big Data project, Centerity  delivers value for each of the principal use cases set forth. This guide describes those top 5 use cases, how they are achieved through Centerity Version 4 and how each positively contributes to the overall sales cycle and customer success.


  • Controlled Big Data Rollouts
  • Real-time Business Service Views
  • Consolidated Technology Layer Views
  • Dependency Mapping

Use Case Overview:

Understanding what your service levels should be per technology layer and per business process is key to understanding if your environment is ready for your Big Data deployment.

Centerity  helps enterprises to execute a Controlled Rollout of their Big Data environment by providing them an  entire supporting environment (example: compute, storage, OS, networking, applications). The enterprise profile includes tracking performance against appropriate service levels as well as smart streamline execution of any work plan. This can be done by our technology layer and business processes (across technology layers) via Centerity’s Business Service Management (BSM) approach.

Via our Executive Dashboards and BSM views, Centerity can give users the tools, visibility, and confidence they need for any new or expanded Controlled Rollouts.

Technical Overview

Product Screen 1: Real-time Business Service Management (BSM) Views

Product Screen 2: Real-time SAP HANA BSM View – Metric Drill Down

Product Screen 3: Real-time Process Service Levels via Executive Dashboards

Centerity's Dashboard

Product Screen 4: Dependency Mapping


About Centerity

Centerity’s an award winning unified enterprise-class IT Performance Analytics Platform that improves Performance and Reliability of business services to ensure availability of critical systems. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack, including, applications, big data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, cloud, edge AND IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes.

Centerity at IWCE 2017

Our Alliance Manager John Speck got to head out to the desert last month to learn what’s new in the world of wireless communications. The International Wireless Communications Expo brings the biggest names in wireless infrastructure, application, and services to Las Vegas to showcase their newest innovations to the federal, state, and enterprise organizations that rely on wireless critical networks to operate.

John got to meet with our friends and strategic partners like Harris Corporation, as well as talk to thought leaders from elsewhere in the field about the breakthrough work Centerity is doing in the Industrial IoT, a trend that is pushing new opportunities for growth and technical innovation in the critical communications industry.

If you want to learn more about Centerity’s work with industry leader Harris Corporation or our solution for the Industrial IoT, check out our website by following the links above!


Bridging the Industrial IoT Gap

The Centerity team had an awesome time co-sponsoring the GE Predix MeetUp at Pivotal Labs in Cambridge last week! It was a great way to get to know people working, learning, and innovating in the Industrial IoT space and to show them what Centerity is all about.

We got to meet our co-sponsors from GE and learn all about the newest intelligent edge hardware solutions coming out of GE Automation & Controls from our friend Warren Jackson. Our own Marty Pejko presented Centerity’s Connectivity & Performance Analytics Solution for the IIoT and showed how we’re helping organizations connect their devices across networks and get their data to where it can be acted upon to drive business. View his presentation here!

We’ll be sure to participate in more events with this group and others, so if you’re in the Boston area and feel like joining us for a beer and conversation, be sure to check out our upcoming events and keep up with us on our social media pages to see where we’ll be next!



March 30th, Turin, Italy – IoT Conference, Enriching Your Business Decisions

On March 30th Centerity Systems, together with its Italian local distributor, TAG, presented at the main IoT conference in Turin, Italy in order to share Centerity’s unique Performance Analytics offering for the Internet of Things (IoT). The conference focused on the increasing demand for IoT in regards to Services, Applications, Architecture, Security and much more. Most participants were C-Level, Managers, Solution-Architects, Consultants and procurement personnel mainly from Industrial, Services, IT and the Public Administration sector, scouting for solutions, knowledge, and idea-sharing in this new world of IoT.

We at Centerity had the opportunity to interact with many of the attendees that came to hear about our Performance Analytics Platform, learning about the SLA challenges and solutions in IoT. Centerity and TAG demonstrated the unique Business Service Management ability to provide impact analysis on IoT processes by capturing all OT/IT metrics for each technology or layer – creating a business model scheme including systemic health views.

During the event, our VP of Sales for EMEA, Matan Reiman, presented the importance of embracing an SLA concept while entering the IoT arena, especially in order to ensure all Business Services are performing in accordance with business demands. Reiman mentioned the new challenges in IoT and the importance of having one platform that can analyze all new technology metrics creating data-driven decisions. He also referred to Centerity’s partnership with GE & Cisco and the importance of having a “Service Guardian,” not only, but mainly in the Industrial IoT Sector.

In summary, Centerity presented its ability to help organizations leverage IoT/IIoT to become data-driven, thus becoming more productive and efficient while having a unique competitive advantage in their market. By doing so Centerity can dramatically improve the performance of systems, business processes, and productivity.

For more information and to see a demo, please contact us at:

Centerity, EMEA (sales@centerity.com), +972 09 7658080

TAG Distribution, ITALY (sales@tagdistribuzione.com), +39 059 8677790

Real-Time Performance Analytics for Industrial IoT: Engaging Operational Technology

The Lack of Real-Time Performance Analytics in Industrial IoT

In our latest webinar, presented by Altoros, we look at the looming challenge in Industrial IoT of not only connecting and managing operational technology (OT), but how to connect them meaningfully and reliably to the traditional IT and business processes they power.

For those who may not know, OT comprises the hardware and software systems that monitor and control physical equipment. It includes devices, sensors, and software that identify and detect a change in physical devices, processes, and events within an enterprise IT infrastructure.

Alliance Manager John Speck explains how Centerity is simplifying Industrial IoT environments by providing a single console for managing connected devices, monitoring IT system performance, and watching the flow of data throughout the entire ecosystem.

A Single Pane of Glass

    “What’s crucial is translating technology data into business meaning,” John explains. “You have to look at the environment holistically, so you can see every potential point of failure and see the impact of one aspect on another. Once you’ve aligned all the devices within an IIoT infrastructure and the applications on either the edge, cloud or on-prem, then you can represent all of it as a business service instead of just seeing silos of data.”

Challenges and Requirements

IIoT environments are necessarily complex:

  • Multiple communication methods complicate connectivity and interoperability
  • Diverse data models increase ecosystem management complexity
  • Service use case and ecosystem definitions change after deployment
  • Custom-made sensors and actuators are expensive

There are also critical requirements to meet:

  • Dynamic ecosystem scalability and maintenance
  • Adjusting COTS devices to the ecosystem’s security and communication requirements with no firmware changes
  • Secure device intercommunication across the entire ecosystem
  • Potential need to switch out devices and change protocol methods over time, resulting in a constant flux of data types and flows

In the end, there’s a requirement for wide connectivity support for almost any communication method, protocol, and IT technology. So, you need a single abstract service model that translates IoT device data models at runtime into business and operational service views. Another key aspect is a connected abstraction layer that manages disparate devices through an API translator. Then you can combine your common abstract language with all the device-specific languages and low-level code. The result is a look at performance data that is presented according to business processes.

An End-to-End Approach

Centerity gives you the ability to scan, discover, and add any device/app on the network, then visualize the environment end-to-end, correlate performance data from every technology layer, and integrate the platform with any associated service to feed data to. This could be a service desk, an ERP system, or whatever you have using the data. Then, you can organize the environment to analyze it through the single pane of glass, according to whatever is most critical to running your business.

So, bridging Operational Technology and IT allows for improving business/process health with minimal unplanned downtime. As a result, mean-time-to-repair decreases while improving efficiency and troubleshooting process and enabling a proactive approach of an IoT/IIoT deployment.

View Original Post at Altoros.com

Italy’s IoT Conference

March 30th Turin, Italy – Centerity will be presenting its unique IoT offering in cooperation with our Italian Distributer TAG!

According to Matan Reiman, Centerity VP of Sales, EMEA:

“Centerity’s ability to provide end-to-end analytics for IoT platforms will assist customers and service providers to measure SLA efficiently, allowing deep correlation between IT and OT environments.”

The IoT performance and analytics solution will be shown on Centerity’s NEW Version 4 platform, which recently went GA. Come visit our booth and start enriching your business decisions!

Learn more about Italy’s IoT Conference here.

About Centerity

Centerity’s an award winning unified enterprise-class IT Performance Analytics Platform that improves Performance and Reliability of business services to ensure availability of critical systems. By delivering a consolidated view across all layers of the technology stack, including, applications, big data, operating systems, database, storage, compute, security, networking, cloud, edge AND IoT/IIoT devices, Centerity provides an early warning of performance issues along with corrective action tools to quickly isolate faults and identify root causes.


Unified Performance Analytics for SmartStack


While business needs drive IT, SmartStack combined with Centerity makes sure every demand gets answered. SmartStack is a scalable, converged solution containing both performance compute and storage that provides modular capacity on demand while keeping operational complexity, Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) and OPEX low. The combination of SmartStack and Centerity simplifies IT operations and performance analytics due to the ease of managing. SmartStack paired with Centerity provides configurable Business Service Management (BSM) process views and in-depth performance analytics for full-stack, out-of-the-box coverage that creates a business intelligence layer across the entire environment.

The combination of SmartStack and Centerity lets IT focus on application-centric business services rather than separate technology domains as isolated silos of data. Allowing IT to act more strategically – proactively delivering mission critical application like Big Data (e.g., SAP HANA, Hadoop, Oracle, NoSQL) or key delivery platforms (e.g., Docker Containers, OpenStack, ServiceNow) rather than struggling reactively to maintain legacy systems. These critical applications will enjoy a huge boost in performance and productivity allowing the business to achieve data-driven business decisions quickly, reliably, and on time.

Nimble’s InfoSight

Nimble’s InfoSight, a cloud-based, machine learning tool, provides internal insights into the performance across the hardware infrastructure stack, including the VM layer and the health of the storage array. InfoSight, together with Centerity’s end-to-end performance analytics platform eliminates the visibility gaps between applications and hardware, providing both bottom-up and top-down visibility, transforming silos of data into actionable intelligence.

SmartStack, an integrated infrastructure solution offered by Cisco and Nimble Storage, combines Cisco’s Unified Computing SystemTM (UCS) with Nimble’s Predictive Flash platform to deliver speed, scale, and simplicity to next-gen data center applications. To accelerate infrastructure deployment and reduce risk, SmartStack is backed by Cisco Validated Designs (CVD), providing pre-tested and pre-validated solutions to cover a diverse and growing set of critical application needs. SmartStack with Centerity delivers a single pane of glass, tops down global application performance analytics platform that can transform your data center into a cohesive IT environment that is fast, agile, smart, secure, and cost-effective.

 Centerity, used by Cisco & Managed Services (CMS), provide full-stack performance analytics and service assurance to their clients’ entire environment for Big Data Layer Applications (SAP HANA, Hadoop (Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks)), provides infrastructure-to-application coverage for real-time performance analytics and cross-domain impact, trend, and root cause analysis. With Business Service Level awareness in mind, SmartStack with Centerity’s Business Intelligence Layer can provide controlled roll-outs while reducing operational complexity, MTTR, and OPEX making IT service and application centric.

About Cisco and Nimble Storage

Cisco and Nimble Storage jointly developed SmartStack integration infrastructure solutions that allow customers to accelerate business, ensure performance and availability through predictive analytics, and drive down data center costs. SmartStack, backed by Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs), white papers, and reference architectures combine the Nimble Predictive Flash platform with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). SmartStack simplifies management and support of the entire infrastructure stack by providing an integrated platform of computing, networking, and storage resources.

Learn more about SmartStack at Cisco.com or NimbleStorage.com!

Learn more about Cisco UCS!

Learn more about Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform!

Download the Unified Performance Analytics for SmartStack Solution Brief!

Centerity Brings Predictive Performance Analytics to the Harris VIDA® Emergency Communications Platform

The Harris Voice, Interoperability, Data, and Access (VIDA) Platform

The Harris VIDA services platform provides Critical Services, Converged Communications, and Integrated Applications within a fully scalable, full-featured communications (PSPC) market.

VIDA is a fully integrated solution providing unified interoperable communications for voice, data, and applications across a multitude of technologies ranging from LMR narrowband to LTE broadband data networks. By providing optimal technologies that meet each user’s needs, the VIDA services platform supports the co-mingling of selected technologies that best serve the diverse needs of all user groups operating on the system. VIDA core networks are widely deployed in hundreds of public safety systems today, providing mission-critical communications to hundreds of local, state, and federal enterprises and agencies.

Centerity’s Unified IT Analytics Platform

In order for Harris to offer deeper analytics and management of the emergency communications solutions to its clients, it requires a flexible IT monitoring solution that scales to provide real-time business process views of performance and availability, while being robust and flexible enough to incorporate a vast array of constantly shifting advanced communications technologies. The Centerity solution offers an enhanced analytics solution to the extensive infrastructure of the VIDA platform including Harris’s own multi-channel MASTR V sites, Cisco routers, Symphony™ Dispatch Consoles, and many other proprietary and third party devices.

“We felt Harris needed a carrier-class IT Analytics platform that could supplement its existing monitoring capabilities, as well as provide enriched performance metrics,” says Centerity COO Marty Pejko. “Due to the unique advantages of our unified platform deliverable as a single software appliance, we were the only solution that could offer Harris and its clients the coverage capabilities needed to stay on top of all the critical IT services involved.”

Next Generation Partners: Centerity and Harris

This OEM relationship will transform the emergency network solutions landscape. Combining Centerity’s unique fully-featured, unified, approach to IT monitoring with Harris’s vast communications infrastructure options will serve as notice to the entire industry that there is a better way to analyze and manage emergency communications technology.

“We are very excited about the added value we’ll be passing on to our clients with Centerity,” says Joel Morgan, Engineering Manager at Harris Communications. “The cornerstone of Harris’ business is the reliability and extensibility of our clients’ networks. These clients cannot afford any downtime and we’ve found an ideal partner in Centerity to help us achieve the system performance and availability our customers demand.”

For more information on Harris’ PSPC Solution visit: www.pspc.harris.com

Click here to download our solution overview on Harris VIDA!