Business Service Management is an enabling technology at the intersection of business and IT alignment. The days of IT organizations operating with only an understanding of the IT perspective are quickly passing. Business Service Management brings the business perspective and context to the IT environment. Business Service Management solutions help IT understand how their infrastructure and technology investments support the business and how business benefits from that IT infrastructure and technology. (See for Entire Article)

These flows look pretty but are they really helpful to a VP of Sales when his order processing is not working. How does he know what technology is the root of the problem the impact of the remediating options?

Does this look like your technology stack? Or are you not sure?

More importantly, from a BSM perspective, do you know which technologies make up critical business processes?

And therein lies our first problem. Who has the time to document all of these technologies and keep up with changes as well as seed the “BSM” so if something does happen, everything is up to date?

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And to take it to a more tactical level. How does the complexity of this order entry process match up with yours back at the office? Can you match up each discrete step with the technologies that enable it so that when problems are identified either in the process or a technology component, you know the impact on the other side! Problem two!

If you were identifying with the complexity and challenges of relating technology to business processes you are not alone. We live in an ever more connected world with highly heterogeneous environments. How many of these technologies are a part of your world? Problem three, what platform can manage these diverse technologies?

I am missing some but then this is all I could fit on one page. Add another page for IoT protocols!

BSM is achievable and we’d like to show it to you in person.

Centerity Business Service Management provides service level roll-up by:

  • Business process
  • Across all layers
  • Across all deployment models
  • Across all departments, organizations, geographies, customers

Centerity replaces silo monitoring with service level management and provides a single-pane-of-glass for end-to-end BSM making it ideal for complex heterogeneous environments, including customers running SAP applications. The solution includes integrations and touchpoints for ALL of the technologies listed above, including the IoT protocols we missed.

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Overcome OpenView Addiction and Future-Proof Datacenter

“Business Service Management” Are you there? Some questions to ask yourself.