Millions of dollars are spent each year to manage and monitor IT infrastructure. Different organizations often deploy competing or redundant tools to achieve the same objective within their own unique settings.  Every day exciting new technologies are being announced and they seem to get the lion’s share of attention, while a critical process like data protection and disaster recovery sits like an island at the remote reaches of daily operations. Most IT departments focus their efforts on assuring uptime for the applications, network, and infrastructure that customers interact with every day, so data protection is often neglected and sometimes forgotten.

Centerity Systems is different, making it easy for business owners to encapsulate all IT components (software and hardware) within their critical business services. Many monitoring solutions overlook data protection during performance planning as it doesn’t seem to be part of the operational mainstream. But data protection has a significant impact on the overall SLA of the technology stack, especially when it comes to ensuring that information is available whenever it is required. Centerity works differently, evaluating relevant KPIs within an analytical model for each business service, allowing organizations to know whether or not the technology stack is achieving required goals, including data protection. By delivering real-time, actionable intelligence to operations every day Centerity’s customers are fully-protected as the often-overlooked component of data protection is easily incorporated into their business service management goals. Data protection is a necessary component of every business service, proving the old industry adage, “Never underestimate the recovery potential of a station wagon full of tapes driving away from the disaster.”  That station wagon has been replaced by WAN and Cloud services but the premise remains valid because ensuring data protection is up-and-operating remains mission critical.

The paradigm shift toward de-centralized backup has made the process of monitoring and management more complicated. With shifting locations, storage and transport methodologies, it is a bigger challenge to correlate how data protection is impacting the business services. Next-generation data protection platforms like Rubrik, Cohesity, and Acronis have robust APIs available where all manner of key metrics are available for business SLA management. Bringing data protection into the same BSM framework as all other mission-critical components ensures the safety and reliability of critical data by leveraging Centerity’s analytical model for measuring business service health.

Isn’t it time to stop treating data protection and disaster recovery like a remote island? Treating the data protection process like the rest of your vital business services ensures your data is always secure and always accessible. Centerity’s BSM platform is designed to help you achieve this goal.

The Hidden Threat to Your Data – Tracking Data Protection as a Business Service